The History of Hair Transplant Surgery



Density is one the most demanded features of the hair transplantation. Density is important for covering the bald areas of the scalp. So it is concerned as much as design, hair growth rate and naturalness. Hair growth rate is closely related to density, because the needed and satisfactory density can be achieved by a high growth rate. If hair growth rate is kept as high as possible, then desired density and a good coverage can be provided.


What is important for density? This is an important question to see what affects the result of the hair transplantation in terms of density and how a surgeon can deal with it. As it is mentioned above, hair growth rate is an important factor, so how can a surgeon keep hair growth rate as high as possible? The answer is actually simple: Care, caution and experience. Grafts are just fragile units of hair follicles. So it is crucial to have great care and caution while working on them. Because from assistants’ holding point of the graft to the solution in which grafts are preserved during surgery, any factor in terms of the way of work and equipment are of vital importance for hair follicles. The more medical team have care and caution, the less they have risk of damaging a graft extracted.

Experience is another key factor which has great importance for the success of achieving desired density and satisfactory result of the hair transplantation. Like every profession the more it is practiced the more it develops and success becomes routine. Dr Keser and his team operate surgeries with that great care and caution to achieve the most satisfactory results for more than ten years. Before and after the surgery the care is always prioritized as well. Strategic and dense placement is also an important factor for high densities and Dr Keser always implants the grafts as close as possible to each other to provide a spaceless coverage on bald areas. Implantation technique as well as extraction he has is completely unique to him and based on care, caution for hair follicles. Because he has the awareness of the fact that graft care is one of the most important key concepts of a successful FUE hair transplantation.

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